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Safety Studies

Safety has been known to human beings from ages. In industries, safety is of paramount concern. It is incorporated right from conception stage. Electrical safety relates to safe operation of various electrical systems like transformers, PCC, MCC, motors etc. Over the years, plant load increases without corresponding increase in capacity of PCC, MCC which results into frequent tripping, over heating of cables and burning of equipments etc. In electrical safety audit, various aspects like earthing, cable loading, bus bar loading etc. are covered. For temperature profile of PCC and MCC, thermography is carried out.

HAZOP / HAZIN is an extended arm of safety. HAZOP is a structured methodology, which allows its user to employ imaginative thinking in the identification of hazards and operational problems. It involves a systematic, methodical examination of design document that describes the facility. Deviations from the design value of key parameters are studied, using guidewords to direct the process of evaluation. This technique presumes that the design values of flows, temperatures, and other process variables are inherently safe and operable.