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Energy Modelling

Energy modelling software tools are available for quantitative analysis of architectural design. Energy modelling is a dynamic calculation method which allows the user to estimate the impact of design and orientation of the built space, choice of building materials, occupancy, internal equipments etc on the annual energy consumption of the building.

An architecturally rendered model offers the user an insight into the aesthetic features of the project. Similarly the energy model offers calculated annual energy consumption in kilowatt hour per square metre for the building/s in the project. Exterior or peripheral site loads can also be included in the calculation to give a fair idea of the overall estimated operational cost of the project. Proposed renewable systems and other trade off options like use of sensors etc can also be decided depending on the results generated by the model. The results of the energy model can help designers to determine the best envelope details and materials, lighting fixtures, mechanical equipments for cooling and heating etc to maximize the operational savings throughout the life of the building.

At Ab Initio, we use various softwares for developing the energy models. Our multi – professional team of architects and engineers interact towards developing the best case which balances architectural aesthetics and engineered energy performance which encourages energy efficiency through the life of the building.