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Life Cycle Assessment

Life cycle assessment is based on the concept of Life Cycle thinking which integrates consumption and production strategies over a whole life cycle, so preventing a piece-meal approach to systems analysis. Life cycle approaches avoid problem-shifting from one life cycle stage to another, from one geographic area to another, and from one environmental medium to another.

Life Cycle Assessment is an analytical tool we do systematic evaluation of the environmental impacts of a product or service system through all stages of its life. It extends from extraction and processing of raw materials through to manufacture, delivery, and use, and finally on to waste management. This is often referred to as “cradle to grave”. A number of other environmental assessment tools are restricted to the production process, which is sometimes called “gate to gate” or in the case of embodied energy cover the life cycle from “cradle to gate” without taking the end of life into account.

Once we involve in the process we compile an inventory of relevant inputs and outputs of a product system then evaluate potential environmental impacts associated with those inputs & outputs and interpret the results of the inventory analysis and impacts assessment phases in relation to the objectives of the study.

We follow an internationally accepted framework for LCA methodology is defined in ISO 14040 – 14043.