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Training Programs

The construction industry is evolving at a rapid pace. There are new additions in the field almost overnight. In the ever changing and evolving field, updating the professional knowledge base is of prime importance. The need of the time is to develop an interdisciplinary team of professionals who can contribute as a singular work force towards the larger project good and sustainable goals of the industry in general. Furthermore each project is packed with its own requirements, details and challenges. Thus infusing sustainability goals in the current project is a challenge that needs constant working and interaction with different experts in the construction industry.

At Ab Initio, we conduct and impart training programs for professionals from different backgrounds associated with the construction industry. We impart training programs for the various accreditation exams like IGBC, USGBC and GRIHA. In addition to this, we also provide basic training programs to the young professionals who are about to embark their careers from the esteemed institutions of the country.

We have conducted workshops like these in countries abroad too.