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Unit Operations in chemical industry - DDE

Designing of entire chemical factory is a very complex assignment as it requires strong knowledge base and expertise of designing for processes, process equipments (reactors, heat exchangers, tanks, vessels etc.), utilities (pumps, compressors, cooling towers, fans, boilers, hot water generator, thermic fluid heater, hot air generators), mechanical equipments (conveyors, elevators, etc.), unit operations (Drying, separation, sieving, filtration, sedimentation, de husking etc.), Solvent recovery system, Effluent treatment plant, electrical and instrumentation, piping , installation and commissioning.

Steps of Designing a Chemical plant:

Basic Designing

  1. Understanding the various processes in the system.
  2. Preparation of flow chart of the basic process.
  3. Fixing the basis (Ton/day production)
  4. Material and energy balance calculation of the process.
  5. Basic designing of Utilities (Capacities)
  6. Discussing and finalizing the operation philosophy of process, to operate continuous or batch wise with client.
  7. Preparation of Process Description
  8. Preparation of Process flow diagram indicating temperature and flow.
  9. Preparation of basic General arrangement drawing.
  10. Discuss and finalize the Basic General arrangement drawing with client.
  11. Incorporate various conveying system in process flow diagram (Pumps, fans, conveyors, etc. in the system)
  12. Prepare a basic Process and Instrumentation drawing.
  13. Discussion and finalization of basic Process and Instrumentation drawing.
  14. Preparation of Design Document.

Detail design and Engineering:

  1. HAZOP study of the process to identify possible hazards in the system.
  2. Incorporate changes in Process flow diagram and Process and Instrumentation diagram as per HAZOP study.
  3. Detail and mechanical designing of all equipments and preparation of technical specifications of the equipments.
  4. Basic Ping designing (Line sizes, Material of construction, thickness)
  5. Preparation of Process and Instrumentation diagram indicating pipeline sizes.
  6. Preparation of Isometric piping diagram for piping route designing.
  7. Preparation of Piping BOQ.
  8. Preparation of Detailed Project Report.

Installation and Commissioning Phase:

  1. Preparation of Tender document
  2. Floating of enquiry to vendors
  3. Conduction of Prebid meeting
  4. Preparation and Submission of Technical and commercial evaluation of all quotations.
  5. Approval of all documents submitted by client.
  6. Inspection visit for testing of all equipments to be installed if this is client’s requirement.
  7. Project Management of installation work
  8. Supervision of Commissioning activities
  9. Approval of commissioning report submitted by vendor.