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Water Audit

Water is not costly but is a natural resource in scarcity. The objective behind carrying out water audit is to find out water consumption pattern and ensure judicial use of water resources in industries and building sectors. It helps to reduce water treatment cost, effluent load, pumping energy etc. It comprises of identification of water intake sources, water consumption analysis, identification of loss points and suggestions for reuse / reduction in water consumption.

ECPL has developed Zero Liquid Discharge scheme wherein maximum water in the form of pure water is recovered and is recycled back to the process thereby reducing / eliminating effluent load. The characteristics of effluent is studied and based on the same, type and quantity of chemicals and quantity of water that can be recovered is calculated. Depending upon chemical recovery and water recovery, unit operation is designed. In the unit operation primary energy in the form of steam is used and final product i.e. chemicals and pure water is recovered.